Ritchie Molitor

Ritchie Molitor

Broker - Owner

  • Cell: 719-395-8585
  • Office: 719-395-9063 extension 101
  • Office Location: 107 South Highway 24 - Buena Vista

About Ritchie Molitor

Ritchie comes from a real estate family. His mom was first to get in the business around 1976. She often tells stories of her experiences along the way. She eventually became an owner and is now retired after selling her share of a company. His older sister is active in the business in San Jose, CA and between his mom and her, they convinced Ritchie to get in the business about 15 years ago. He also has an aunt who is retired from the business and a mother & father in-law who are in the business as well. So it’s fair to say it runs in the blood.

Ritchie gets the most excited in his business when he finds the perfect match for people. Sometimes it happens on the first house and sometimes it is the 50th house that is shown. “But when it is right…you know it is right and it is a great feeling all the way around.” He tries to study people as he gets to know them and especially pay attention to their body language when they are looking at houses. When they are in the right one they just get all giddy and begin to imagine where furniture will go, etc.

To sum it up… he says “It is a people business. I like it so much because I like to meet and help all kinds of people. I am in it for the long haul!